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manchesr 27.12.07 - 06:29pm
Rockstar have now given us a side look at a handfull of characters that you'll come across during your journeys into liberty city and will have seen them in the latest trailer. So take a look!
Roman: jhdOM3fj1p.Jpg
roman is niko's cousin he's been living in liberty city pursueing the 'american dream'-fast car's,women,hot tubs and luxury condo's. At least these are the things he's been telling niko about. Instead he operates a cab stand in broker and a born optimist and fantasist. Roman dreams big while he and his girlfriend 'mamorie' decide whether to take each other seriously! *

manchesr 27.12.07 - 06:36pm
in vlad's own mind he is a supremely powerfull gangster. Who runs the hove beach neighborhood or broker with an iron fist,and takes cr*p from no reality he is a low level russian hood who is trying to gain favour with more powerfull criminals,while he runs minor protection rackets and talks a big game. *

manchesr 27.12.07 - 06:43pm
for 10years or more Elizibeta has been a successfull drug dealer in broker. Successfull because she kept things low key and paid off or killed the right people. She knows that a crackdown on drug dealing is going to put her under scrutiny and her own narcotic consumption has spriralled out of control making her dangerously paranoid and delusional. *

manchesr 27.12.07 - 06:49pm
Manny is testament to the fact that men can be reborn. Once a hard living hoodlum who was there (and involved?) when people invented graffiti,hip hop and break dancing-he is now a man transformed and all about one thing-cleaning up the neighborhood. The kids and the streets to prove it he's having a documentary made about himself to record his struggle in his work. *

manchesr 27.12.07 - 06:59pm
anyone who thinks modern man is having an identity crisis should meet Brucie. Brucie is a serious fitness enthusiast,car nut and self appointed vip, he's also proof that sometimes,delusional white idiots can take the whole hip hop thing a bit far. He's loud,proud and he's gonna make sure you know just how much money he's got. He lives life large. Just like men do in magazines he reads.He's got nothing but the finest women,car's,lifestyle accessories and anabolic steroid's.Thats how he rolls. *

manchesr 27.12.07 - 08:13pm
Weapon profiles:
Caliber: 9x19mm
Capacity: 17
Info: Made in 1980's
Desert eagle:
Caliber: 44 magnum
Capacity: 7,8 or 9
Info: Made in 1975
Micro uzi:
Caliber: 9x19mm
Capacity: 20
Info: The smallest member of the uzi family.
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Capacity: 30
Info: Even after 60years the legendary ak-47 is still a hard act to follow both in reliability and popularity also said to be practicly indestructible.
Caliber: 9x19mm
Capacity: 30
Info: Made in 1960's and the most widely used submachine gun today known for its accuracy and reliablility. *

manchesr 27.12.07 - 09:02pm
Caliber: 5.56x45mm
Capacity: 30
Info: One of the most popular and versetile rifles in the world.
Caliber: 7.62x51mm
Capacity: 20
Info:The G3sg/1 is a version of the H&K g3 rifle, optimised for sniper applications.
Caliber: 7.62x51mm
Capacity: 20
Info: This is another sniper varient.
Caliber: 12 gauge
Capacity: 8
Info: This italian semi automatic shotgun designed and made in 1970's.
Caliber: 12 gauge
Capacity: 8
Info: The number 1 pump action shotgun in us history Made in 1950's.
Box cutter:
Info: Blade.
Switch blade:
Info: Flick knife.
These are the weapons that have been found and identified in trailers and screen shots! *

manchesr 28.12.07 - 03:04am
info supplied by chrisl89,
*Main GTA-IV info tidbits regarding the game!
*main character:niko bellic
*other characters: roman,elizabeta,Manny,Brucie &vlad pics on 1st page!
*single player: yes
*multiplayer: confirmed but no details yet.
*episodic content: 2 packs for Xbox360 1st in 2008,ps3 not confirmed but might be later on.
*Graphics: uses Rockstar's rage engine.
Physics:uses natural motion euphoria.
*location:liberty city which is i make up of different parts of new york! *

chrisl89 28.12.07 - 03:18am
All sounds ing sweet. I wud get the pics but im not at my computer soz *

manchesr 28.12.07 - 03:57am
*the city is broken up into 5 areas:
Brooklyn is broker
Manhattan is algonquin
queens is dukes
The Bronx is bohan.
New jersey is alderney.

*Sea/air: helicopters and boats are in the game but no planes.
*Main character: Niko bellic
Niko is the main character and is described by Rockstar as tough, his home was in eastern europe. He may have never traveled to liberty city if it wasn't for his cousin roman, who is described as a friendly baffoon! Like wasn't going well, and Niko turns up in liberty city because he's been recieveing e-mails from roman thats are full of lies, about how great he is doing in america. roman is actually in trouble.
However Niko knows thats roman is the only person he knows in america. Roman serves as one of the main friends,motivations & connections at the start *

manchesr 28.12.07 - 04:54am
...of the game.
unlike san andreas,players wont get the chance to see Niko in his homeland.You will see his life unfold from the moment he steps into liberty city. Why go back to liberty city?
dan houser the creative vice president of r* games. He had the following answers when asked why liberty city was chosen for GTA-IV
new york city is an open environment we felt had never been done to the level we are envisioning it in a video game.
from looking at all locations,this was the one that really stood out for us and really had that impact. It has all the iconic things that you couldn't put in a game before we've always wanted to do new york properly. *

chrisl89 29.12.07 - 04:28am
As u can now see after alot of work me and manc have got the profiles working with pics. Thats all for now from the best gta iv group on prodigits. *

manchesr 29.12.07 - 08:37pm
Yeah took us alot of work to get em up. thanks for uploading the pic's in smaller size. Lets hope our users like what we've done lol. *

manchesr 8.01.08 - 04:44pm
*one of the billboards seen during the demo advertised shark credit cards while others advertised pirate music and the whiz(the whiz is the type of phone Niko uses)
*the hud is described as minimalist to its core.There is a mini-map,a low key cash counter and they say that the hud in general looks more clean than in previous GTA's.
*ammunation is no longer there you buy guns and other weapons via your mobile phone from little jacob he'll meet you somewhere quiet to do the deal out of the trunk of his car.
*the rocket launcher will return.
*during the demo a female character screems ' this is bannana's! From here car.
*a fair meter appears on screen as soon as Niko gets into a taxi and the camera pans round as it drives.
*the little green guy looks crisp and clean! *

manchesr 8.01.08 - 04:59pm
*clothing is described as customizable and looks very realistic.
*shooting,the cover system borrows elements of gears of war and rainbow six vegas.The aiming is a resident evil 4 over the shoulder style!
*car's, default camera clarified-slightly to the left of the car and centred to the road, different types of camera angles will be available.
*Niko can take cover on just about any object.Cops can do the same.
*GTA-IV will include a mini-game and many other mini-games.
*multi player can be accessed through Niko's mobile phone.
*in GTA-IV you must develop good relationships with other characters. And doing so can provide various benefits.
*mobile phone can be used to call taxi's and to buy weapons from lil jacob.
*you can surf the net using internet cafe's! *

manchesr 8.01.08 - 05:07pm
*2 of GTA-IV'S missions were previewed and was revealed that you can do more than one mission at a time as some missions can take place over several days.
*every street in liberty city will be named.
*there will be several animations set for breaking into cars.
*GTA-IV will feature less non realistic element such as markers and arrows.And more realistic methods such as mobile phones.
*it appears that Niko can access his money via a.t.m machines.
*the driving controls have been tweaked and enhanced.
*you can hear other peoples music from their cars as they drive past.
*Niko can control the bus schedule.
*it is possible to climb telephone poles,fire escapes ect...Niko can climb and decend exterior fire escapes.
Niko is in his mid 30's and on the run from a dark past

manchesr 8.01.08 - 05:35pm
*there are no loading times between boroughs or between interior and exterior transitions you can see the world outside from inside!

manchesr 8.01.08 - 05:43pm
All facts go in this post all news goes in news topic I'v moved info from another post to this as it was easyer than to move this to the others post as it took blood ages getting them pics to work took me and chris ages! All other topics will remain the same you can post any topic you like as long as it already hasn't been posted before. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:50am
ok im going to post alot of facts ive written in a article below which may sprawl over several posts. enjoy. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:50am
Six months after the magazines got hold of GTA IV and the previews are rolling out again. This time however Liberty City is looking a lot more solid.
The frame rate is smooth, the city alive and the true feel of a GTA game is there for the taking. No longer is it a half put together mess of a game but how GTA IV should look on a next gen console.
The preview starts in broker where you are involved in a phone call with Brucie. Cut a long story short. Brucie wants Rivas (a police informant) Dead. This is where you get to see the new GTA mission style in action.
The mission requires you to get your hands on a police car. So how do you get it? most GTA fans will take the cause some trouble then jack a police car approach but the method used in the demo showed Niko calling 911 to attract the police to the scene. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:51am
The free-roam element of GTA IV was shown for the first time in the demo and all the fears of pop-up and frame rate torture where put to rest. Off course the occasional pop up occurred but in a near complete build like this it's more than likely.
The Wanted system was shown also in the demo where most people will see it similar to the Scarface wanted system. Stay outside the range of the police and it will decrease but get seen and it's back to square one. Switching cars and disguising yourself among your surroundings is a good strategy to get rid of the law.
Once Niko has cleared his wanted level he can access the Police Database via the onboard computer. One quick name input and we are away to the informants address in Long Street, Broker. Rockstar also mentioned that by snapping someone you need on your camera phone, you can obtain all the details to help you along. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:51am
After a short journey Niko comes across Rivas (who just couldn't hold it in) and begins pursuit. The new engine adds a new edge to gunplay from your vehicle allowing you to shoot with the right an*log stick. Traffic can also be used to your advantage when Niko shoots out a truck carrying logs causing it to spill across the road.
The engine seems now to even pick up the little details with cars leaving dents in walls on contact.
When the mission came to its end we see Niko smash Rivas off the road to his death. But this is where a new rather welcomed feature comes to play. Auto save.
Unlike previous GTA titles (where you would have to drive back to the safehouse only to crash and die which left you thoroughly off) after the completion of a mission the game will save the data so the next time you load you will begin right where you left off. It is also possible to restart a mission via text if you fail. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:51am
The mobile used in the game is used to manage the friendship levels of your friends Sims style. Keep your friends on your right side and they will give you the things you desire. For instance by keeping Roman sweet you can get free Taxi rides, keep Brucie sweet and parts of liberty are merely a helicopters flight away.
A sub-mission is demonstrated showing off the friendship meter when Niko gives roman a call. At which point options are given to go bowling, pool, cabaret or for a good old fashioned pi*s up. In true Russian fashion Niko opts for a little drink and a cutscene later the pair stumbles back on to the streets.
This shows a few things off from the GTA IV engine. One being the puke inducing drunken view that Niko now has. Entering the car and everything is swaying around and the controls are all messed up. If you really want to try this one early just grab a bottle of vodka and San Andreas. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:52am
More important things are shown though in this drunken scene and Im speaking off course about the euphoria engine. The realism of Nikos stumbling is something special with him reaching out for balance on nearby objects which inevitably end up with Niko flat on his a*se.
GTA IV's districts came alive more after a drive about. The financial district is the concrete jungle you would expect while Star Junction has neon signs and dazzling buildings.
Currently the clock is estimated at 2 minutes for every hour although this could change.
The next mission in the demo is for a character called Playboy X where he wishes you to take out some Russian mafia members who are on a nearby construction site. Sniper rifle in hand Niko takes a window cleaners lift to the top of a nearby skyscr*per to get a nice vantage point. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:52am
The physics engine really shows off its worth when downed enemies fall from the roof with a gasp inducing impact on the floor with one unlucky Russian falling onto of a SUV.
After a trip down the rooftop we get to see the talked about cover system in action. The cover system hits a good balance ala Gears of war with Niko darting about for cover against any given object. Niko is also able to fire blind round corners.
The health system of the enemies gives them hit points that allow them to be taken down easy so say hello to our good friend headshot but also areas that will merely disable them for any further take in the combat.
The grenade system is also vastly improved allowing you to lock on to people laying a shiny grenade at their feet which the camera following there flying corpse through the air. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:52am
The end of the mission involves taking out a helicopter with a good old fashioned bazooka which looks amazing with detailed smoke flying off the back of the missile.
The last mission of the demo takes place in New Jersey where you held a pair of Italian gangsters to keep some heroin offloading triads at bay.
The car used in this missions show off a talking sat nav that speaks out the directions to you showing that GTA IV has really taken the technology into account on this outing.
Niko gets out the car to show off another quite nice feature. Mobile phone radio. Yes Niko can now roam around on foot while listening to the soundtrack of liberty city. *

chrisl89 25.01.08 - 01:52am
After a bit more combat from Niko its noticed that the health of an enemy is shown when aiming. After getting to the truck of the stash , a triad jumps in meaning Niko must react fast by leaping onto the back where the player must keep Niko onboard to stop him from falling off.
Soon after Niko hops round to the front seat, sprays the driver in a brutal fashion and takes his truck.
So with the demo at a end we start to really get a feel for GTA IV and if it hasnt get your pulse racing then maybe the upcoming multiplayer previews will do but till then soak up the information and look forward to cruising liberty on the 29th April *

eric79ff 27.01.08 - 11:22pm
moving on what chris said about the phisics engine being used in GTA-IV its called the Euphoria Engine [you tube] this video give you an insight to what is store for gta fans all over. Not so long ago, ragdoll physics kicked the level of gaming's interactive realism up a notch; gone were the days of obtuse death animations that defied the laws of physics.
With GTA-IV Rockstar intends on pushing the level of realism even further. With the powerfull Euphoria technology quietly doing its thing behind the scenes, the developers have put a considerable amount of effort into the smaller details that most games tend to overlook. *

manchesr 21.02.08 - 12:05am
Drink aware! Socializing with characters means they'll like you offer you usefull stuff (which we already knew) you can b*tter them up in a variety of ways - bowling,darts,pool- but the one Rockstar showed oxm was drinking. The minigame isn't about the act of downing slammers. But dealing with the consequences: you've got to stagger back to your car then drive your chum home with out wrecking the car! *

manchesr 27.02.08 - 10:09am
Some new videos of GTA-IV are now in files section kindly uploaded by eric Include advertisments and character videos! *

chrisl89 29.02.08 - 12:54am
New previews have gone up on various sites confirming that shooting gas tanks makes cars explode and san andreas style car modification is NOT in GTA IV. *

manchesr 29.02.08 - 06:32pm
A few gaming sites got to play a full 2 hours of GTA-IV and played four missions on the Xbox 360 version of the game.
GTA-IV Xbox 360 controls:
On foot In car
A Run (Hold to jog, tap to
Hand brake
B Push/nudge Cinematic
X Jump/climb Cycle
Y Enter car Exit car
Left stick Move Steer
Right stick Camera
Click left stick Crouch
Click right stick
Look behind Look behind
Left trigger Lock on/target
Right trigger Shoot/attack
Left b*mper Call cab
Right b*mper Take cover
D-pad up Use phone
Use phone
D-pad left/right Cycle
Cycle radio stations
On foot, Niko is every bit
as agile as we had imagined.
the sites that tested it out say the game was better than expected and lived up to all expectations. Parts of liberty city will be locked at the start of the game. *

manchesr 1.03.08 - 02:01am
A good example of the new gameplay is
the retry system. Once a
mission has been initiated,
when you run out of heath
and emerge from hospital
(or if you're busted and
emerge from the police
station - except without
your weapons), you can
simply press up on the D-
pad to pull out your
cellphone and find that you
have a text. Press A to
read the text, and you'll
have the option to
immediately retry the
mission. You can, of
course, ignore it and travel
to the mission at your own
pace, or even take on
other missions instead. It's
one of many ways Rockstar
has put thought into making
everything about GTA IV
more user friendly,
wrapped in presentation
that suits both the series'
established values and its
new, modern-day setting. Car modification has been scr*pped but you will still be able to save your car's in safehouse garages. *

manchesr 12.03.08 - 10:24am
Edge Magazine has a new
16-page article on the
Grand Theft Auto series,
with a large chunk of it
devoted to GTA IV. There
are at least 6 new
screenshots, in addition to
an exclusive interview with
Sam Houser. Here are some
of the points worth
Edge Magazine
In GTA IV there are strip
joints and, more
unexpectedly, comedy
clubs, which have been
incorporated in a manner
that is enough to make
your head spin. Edge
aren't allowed to say
anything else about it at
this time.
Jets and planes fly through
the airport, and have
visible pilots inside them.
The tester drove alongside
a jet, only to have a 4-star
wanted level appear!
One encounter face-to-face
with a cop got the
response: I'm a cop... and
you're a d*ckhead!
On the subject of
multiplayer... Houser wasn't
able to go into much detail,
but he did mention being
able to get together online
in the game with no other
goal other than to use it as
a meeting place: I'll meet
you in a car *

manchesr 12.03.08 - 10:25am
and we'll hang
and just drive and listen to
music, chilling in the car,
with your 3D model sat next
to me, he says.
The car paint jobs are
noticable from newer cars
being gleaming and
spotless, to old cars being
rusted and dull.
Bulletholes and dirt are
permanent on cars.
Interior walls can be greatly
damaged, ripping chunks
out of the plaster with
gunfire. *

chrisl89 16.03.08 - 10:07pm
large amounts of new info have emerged so here is some *

chrisl89 16.03.08 - 10:08pm
Multiplayer facts: Altogether there are 15 multiplayer modes in the game. PSM played 7 of them.
Up to 16 players in multiplayer is supported.
The multiplayer modes are:

1. Hangman's NOOSE
2. Car Jack City
3. Bomb da Base
4. Bomb da Base II
5. Mafia Work
6. Team Mafia Work
7. Deathmatch
8. Team Deathmatch
9. Turf War
10. Cops 'n Crooks
11. Race
12. GTA Race
13. Deal Breaker
14. Free Mode
15. Unknown *

chrisl89 16.03.08 - 10:09pm
You can choose from a vast variety of online characters, all customizable by way of race, s*x, hair, clothing etc.
In the modes Race and GTA Race, the host decides which vehicles are involved, as well as the number of laps.
The same applies for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, where the host decides over the amount of pedestrians, vehicle traffic, the intervention of police, and type of weapons to choose from. *

chrisl89 16.03.08 - 10:09pm
In the mode Cops 'n Crooks, one team plays as cops, while the other criminals. As you'd expect, the cops must stop the criminals from escaping. The cops has an added advantage of monitoring the position of the criminals on their GPS's, the criminals have no such option available.
In Mafia Work and Team Mafia Work, you play as one of Kenny Petrovic's mafia henchmen. Complete assassinations (given over phone) before other players in the game to score points.
Hangman's NOOSE involves you and other players escorting a mobster, while being pursued by SWAT. *

chrisl89 16.03.08 - 10:10pm
We already know that you can use the database in LCPD police car computers. However, BGamer states that you can take a picture of someone with your cellphone and then search for that person in the computer to find all of their information. Does this mean you can look up anyone and find their address? We will have to wait and see!
The magazine editors asked Rockstar Games if there was any place that they could see some Portuguese pedestrians or a Portuguese part of town. Rockstar Games told them to drive to an area north of Alderney. When they arrived, they found themselves in a Portuguese neighborhood with flags and posters representing their culture.
When the car alarm is triggered, the police units in the area will be aware of it.
Rockstar Games reconfirmed that car customization will not be available in the game. *

manchesr 17.03.08 - 12:41pm
cheeres chris for info *

manchesr 23.03.08 - 06:13pm
new trailer on thursday!! Don't forget ppl grin.GIF i'll get the trailer up on thursday as i can use a pc now lol... If you can't wait just go to http:// Rockstar games *

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