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GRAND THEFT AUTO-IV /4. XBOX 360, PS3 & PC cheats,Hints,tips trailers,news,facts,rumours & everything you need to know about GTA-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .NOTE: some topics contain images!

Group Founder: manchesr
Description: GRAND THEFT AUTO-IV also named grand theft auto 4, This is the GTA-IV FORUM! Everything you need to know News,facts,screenshots,trailers,spoilers,hints,tips,cheats,polls,links,downloads & more. For all you gamers out there. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Note:some topics contain images. .
Group Type: Public join
Members: 324
Category: Games > General

Topics (25)

go Members groups! (5) manchesr
Post all your groups here doesn't have to be related to gaming just helping each other scarface group [SCARFACE]:http://Scarface.Wapgroups.Com/ now get posting your groups or post one of you f...

go Xbox 360 & ps3 cheats! (5) manchesr
All cheats should be entered during normal gameplay using Niko's cellphone. Press (Xbox 360) or (PS3) to bring up Niko's cellphone, and press it again to view the numbered b*ttons. You can now navigat...

go Gta 4 Social club (8) lennox23
just signed up for this myself so thought i'd mention it in here, its a pretty sweet site from rockstar it links your Psn id or xbox live gamer tag to the site and you can check out all the online sta...

go Gaming Chat [175] manchesr
[strong]GTA-IV-CHATROOM![/strong] yeah other chat topic was deleted by mistake lol lets chat!

go Its a great group (1) mizhapi
hey manc ... Gta is a great group thanks for cheats and hints ... Lol.gif

go Liberty day is here! (12) chrisl89
So todays liberty day. Discuss the game here and tell everyone what you did when the biggest game in history landed.

go So where are you. . . (40) eric79ff
in the game? Right the liberty day has happened and most of us have had it nearly a week now. So how many hours and percent complete are you through the game? At this precise time i'm 29percent and 15...

go GTA-IV NEWS! [123] eboy83 i've created this topic to keep everyone up to date with the latest news about [strong]GTA-IV[/strong], i'll try to keep this updated regularly as i do ...

go pager ringtone (1) pete25uk
hey does anyone know whre 2 get the gta pager ringtone 4 my phone? preferable free! thanx

go MAJOR SPOILERS! (19) manchesr
Ok some journalists have completed grand theft auto IV and here are some of the secrets behind the game 1. GAME FOR A LAUGH There are plenty of mini-games tucked away in GTA IV. Old favourites pool,...

go Games-Forum! (23) manchesr
GAMES-FORUMOk as this site is mainly for GTA stuff so i thought i'd make a mini games forum this post is for any game any platform! You can use it when the forums have gone down. To chat get tips,help...

go Leaked GTA IV map !Spoiler! (14) 8letters
Someone seems to have gotten his hands on the GTA IV map, as can be seen here: map revealed? : looks really authentic so I think it's the real...

go ~ THE DETAILS OF GTA-IV ~ (41) manchesr
Rockstar have now given us a side look at a handfull of characters that you'll come across during your journeys into liberty city and will have seen them in the latest trailer. So take a look!Roman: h...

go FAQ-Newbies please read! (13) manchesr
Hi welcome to the GTA-IV forum We want you to enjoy this great group, but we have to keep within the terms & conditions of Prodigits you can find them on the main prodigits menu. if you have any p...

go Screenshots! (26) manchesr
Some new pics of GTA-IV have leaked the net! Check new screens in files section heres a taster for ya'll! [strong]*post updated 27-02-08*[/strong] altog...


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go will GTA-IV be delayed yet again?
go How excited are you?
go What do you think of the new trailer?
go What do you think of the group?
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